Rental Team

Bill Emery Headshot

Bill Emery
401-423-2200, ext. 17

Home town: 
Rutland, Massachusetts – part-time Jamestown resident since 1998, full-time since July 2020.

Why I do what I do: 
Housing is a basic human need, and there’s a great deal of fulfillment that comes from assisting an individual or a family in finding a rental home that meets their criteria, whether for a 1 week summer vacation, a year while they attend the War College or a more permanent move to the area. My enthusiasm for our Island makes it easy to point out its many attributes and the resulting quality of life, regardless of how long they will be here. I am constantly reminded of how special Jamestown is, as I see it again through the eyes of my clients.

Hobbies & pastime interests: 
Avid runner and biker, playing the piano and organ, gardening, caring for my home, reading, and traveling.

Mary Beth Murphy

Mary Beth Murphy
401 423 2200, ext. 18

Hometown: Westerly, RI
Jamestown resident since: 1983.

Why I do what I do: Matching people with homes is like solving a wonderful puzzle. I just love meeting my clients, listening to their needs and working together to find a house in which they can create a life. It is rich, rewarding and endlessly entertaining. I do what I do at Island Realty because the team is unparalleled: bright, resourceful, generous, extremely hard working people who make me laugh out loud every day.

Things I do when not doing RE: Cooking and sharing food with family and friends, attending dance performances, reading, watching movies and playing fierce games of UNO.

The Rental Department of Island Realty
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